Focus on your users

Our SDK for your own Uber App Clone makes it possible for anybody, including those with little to no technical experience, to be able to fully and successfully operate their own iOS application of a taxi app via an easy to use Dashboard.

Optimized for all devices

We've pre-built a sophisticated demo solution for you to evolve your ideal app from. You can very easily customize this demo version using just a few lines of code.

Optimized for all devices. Build your Taxi App with GeekNavi today

//  AppConfiguration.h
//  Uber App Clone

// 1. Set your Backend URL (Optional, only required after purchase)
#define __kBasePath @"http://www.geeknavi.com/backend/"

// 2. Set your Stripe Key (Found under: https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/apikeys)
#define __STRIPE_API_KEY @"PK_XXX"

// 3. Set your Google Maps Geocoding API Key (Optional)

// 4. Set the Main Theme Color (Primary background color)
#define __MAIN_THEME_COLOR [UIColor whiteColor]

// 5. Set the Sub Theme Color (Primary text/button color)
#define __SUB_THEME_COLOR [UIColor colorWithRed:22.0/255.0f green:156.0/255.0f blue:229.0/255.0 alpha:1.0f]

// 6. Set the Invitation Text:
#define __INVITE_TEXT @"I.. Love... GeekNavi!"

// 7. Set your GeekNavi API Key: (Don't have one? Request one by contacting us at support@geeknavi.com)
#define __GEEK_API_KEY @"API_KEY"

Setup Manually

You can manually setup your own Uber app clone and reskin the entire iOS application with only seven lines of code.

Setup Automatically

Build your ideal Uber app clone within minutes! Our auto installer grants you full access to automatically create, as well as easily personalize your entire application all on your own without any technical experience needed. You can simply focus on your own customizations, such as changing the color, language, icon or name of the app, to meet all of your optimal desires for a perfect taxi app.


Complete Infrastructure

Launch your own Uber app clone successfully with a user-friendly Dashboard. Everything is interconnected for an easy plug-in-play experience.

Comfort & Security

We've confidently integrated Stripe as the primary payment system for your taxi app, which has been trusted by millions of successful companies around the world.

Free Trial

We are the first & only Uber App Clone solution on the market that allows you to physically see and customize your application before choosing to purchase.